Ancient style Ashram

Located in the buffer zone of the Chilla Range in the Rajaji National Park – A Tiger Reserve Forest. The paradise is spread over two acres of private land in the Himalayas.  The land gets its shape as a forest due to this vegetation developed to create an atmosphere of ancient Gurukul (resident school) in the forest. This focus has created a truly beautiful sanctuary living in pure peace and harmony with nature. It is the ideal space to explore inner and outer truth.
In a stunning environment amidst an abundance of wildlife, trees, flowers and Ayurvedic herbs and plants, peace is everywhere for everyone from across the globe interested to practice Yog and Naturopathy or just want to experience Yogic way of life style.
There are lots of Ayurvedic herbs planted in the Silent Forest which are used for various treatments. There are numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables grown in the Silent Forest making it almost self sustainable in terms of Yogic meal.
Maun Van is also host to varieties of Himalayan and migratory birds and one can hear them chirping loud early mornings and late evenings.
Following the ancient teaching traditions where students would stay in the forest and gain knowledge in the fields be it Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Tantra or just spend Yogic life style away from the crowds of cities, Maun Van is a complete experience wherein you are at peace and in positive energy of Nature.

The two multi dimensional aspects of divine Himalayas. Combination of both creates a beautiful inner appreciation for the nature within and outside. Yoga was never made to be done in two dimensional surfaces. But outside in the nature where birds are chirping, the immense energy of Himalayas are soaring and always healing. It gives you an experience of the real ancient world of Yogis.

  Beautiful trails and accomodations

  Occasional contact with wildlife expected


We mostly use high quality dome tents, but according to the preferences of clients, can also provide luxury tents.
Only healthy food can help you enjoy in high altitude, this is why we take cook with us, sometimes we also use organic local food. Dry fruits and Mineral water is amply supplied.
We can provide you transport from Rishikesh, we can also provide from Delhi, but we mostly prefer mountain drivers. Airport pick-up available for International Tourists.
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