Yoga comes from the word ‘Yog’ which literally means addition. It is not only set of principles and poses but infact anything done along with breathing is an additional work and therefore it is Yoga. Nowadays, Yog has become meaningless in different styles and contradiction. 

Think about it, whether it is Hatha, Kundalini or any other style they all consists of similiar poses, but only varies to some degree in name and techniques. There is no style of Yog, it is only Yog. Which was practise by ancient Yogis in Himalayan valleys. Nowadays Yoga has succumb to Yoga halls and retreats. To have a full blown affect of a Yogi, one has to agree that doing yoga in nature definetly makes more sense than in a confined space. 

The flow of cosmic energy which is also vibrating in abundance in the nature suddenly becomes available specially in Himalayas. The reason why it has been attracting Yogis from centuries. Yoga instructers and teachers will have to come up to a more daring concept of self-realization, and if Yoga is being performed for a higher path than there is nothing more important than coming out of the clutches of comfortable halls and confront adventure through a wholly new mindset. 

Yoga Himalaya

Yoga performed in nature is more beneficial than done in a Yoga Hall

Everything about self practice remains incomplete without proper harmony with the nature. Nature helps create a proper environment the most ancient one, the one human energies respond to more easily. 

With increasing forests of Yoga school, maybe we are forgetting the meaning of Yoga itself. Instead of adding, we are subtracting nature from the human science. This is why believing any better output to come from it will give only half results. 

The Philosophy behind Yogic training of body, mind and soul is totally possible in the amazing Himalayan range. The energy of the mountains itself is enough to lift a great yogi several thousand feet up from the sea-level. 

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