What is Brahma Kamal?

Brahma Kamal Scientific name- Saussurea obvallata has been mentioned in many ancient stories of India and has amazing awareness to itself. These flowers bloom for only one evening and then disintegrate. The plant considered a medicinal herb in Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine systems. According to the Hindu mythology, just watching the flower grow is able to fulfill all your wishes. Only grown at the height of 4,500 meters, they bloom mid-monsoon (July-August). Due to its misuse and global environment change the flower is now extremely endangered.


Team Soul Trek is always searching for most mystical opportunities up in the mountains. This time however with a hunch that it is not a place or an event but a person I trekked to discover Kedarnath. Aftermath a complete disaster of 2013, Kedarnath has been building up fast. The beauty and the powerful water element which reside in these divine valleys took my breathe away several times. (or it could be also less availability of oxygen) This divine temple resides in the center of the Mandakini river oozing out of the Great Kedarnath peak existing since unknown date.

In India it is revered to as one of the place where Shiva resided during his Himalayan stay. If to be believed according to one of the priest, it exist from Hindu calendar’s ‘Satya Yuga'(many thousand years ago). While there is no way to determine the age, still scientists flood here to record unknown phenomenon, such as strange sounds and lights in the sky, strange vibrations felt near Mount Kedarnath. All this and the person I met next made it much more mystical.

Kedarnath police grows Brahma Kamal

To grow Brahma Kamal is next to impossible and impossible has become possible because of Kedarnath SI Bipin Pathak, the mystical man I had to meet in order to complete my divine journey. He has been in-charge here since the 2013 disaster and has earn a name which is loved not only by kids and citizens but also divine saints. Mr. Pathak has been able to grow 48 flowers at the height of only 3,583 meteres. His divine garden carefully nested inside the Kedarnath Police station is attracting people from all corners of India to witness this amazing feat.

When we asked how was this possible and what could others be doing wrong that it didn’t work for them. Bipin Pathak replied that, these flowers not only need ground, soil, fertilizer but also a divine gratitude should always be carried around them. He has made a temple inside the garden along with another impossible tree growing way above tree-line, the Rudraksha tree. The way he keeps the integrity of this place is sure sign to those who want to grow this divine flower on their own. For now, it seems that Bipin Pathak has been able to find a way to not only stop the extinction of this flower but also a proof that Humans and nature have to come back together in harmony. This in my opinion is one of the example which will lay down the way for human-nature inter-relationship in the mountains in near future.

He is also the first person who has successfully grown ‘Bugyal Grass’ (Special Himalayan Grass which feels like walking on silk). He has also become first person to grow potatoes in the highest ground ever and now gives it out as a temple Prasad. If you visit Kedarnath do visit ‘Brahma Vatika’.


Indian Academy of Sciences - Brahma Kamal

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