Summary: Trek from Gangotri to Gaumukh is literally out of space. It challenges the most and reward the ones who stick with it. The thrill of literally being nearer to the space bring's unammable joy (Milkyway is visible in the night). The journey goes through birsch-forest to a climb above the tree-line. The source of Holy Ganges have attracted many ancient travellers to this beautiful heaven on earth.  The walk through the valleys and at times steep climb makes it an adventure which plays out on many a delighted thrill seekers. Home to one of the most giant mountains overlooking several kilometres above the horizon pumps the hearts of the most enthusiastic travellers with bliss.

Acclimatisation is required before reaching at such height, therefore various techniques are required to keep the lungs pumping. Our expert suggest various techniques which we will apply to keep you only enjoying the mighty mountains of Himalayas. Oxygen level decreases at various spots specially after halfway into trekking the first day.

Experience: Rishikesh being one of the holy city and also the Yoga capital of the world has mixed crowd from not only from all parts of India but also world. It is a pleasant drive from Delhi at only 268 kms (166 miles) of drive. The drive to Gangotri is pleasant and stay at Gangotri the first night is in a Government Guest house (*depends on availability) in Gangotri. The trek through Chirbasa ends into a beautiful holy place called Bhojbasa. Which is a steady climb and consists of wild and serene forests. Situated at 3790 meteres (12,440 feet) the small human outpost is surrounded by the mighty Mt. Shivling and Glaciers like, Gaumukh, Meru Glacier and Kirti Bimak Glacier. The trek to the glacier is tough but rewarding at the end. This is by far one of the most beautiful Trek in the whole world. This is your way of experiencing the greater Himalayas.


We mostly use high quality dome tents, but according to the preferences of clients, can also provide luxury tents.
Only healthy food can help you enjoy in high altitude, this is why we take cook with us, sometimes we also use organic local food. Dry fruits and Mineral water is amply supplied.
We can provide you transport from Rishikesh, we can also provide from Delhi, but we mostly prefer mountain drivers.
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