Summary: Situated at an apt height, experiencing Chopta, Tunganath and Chandrashila is both exhilarating and mind cleansing. The temperature and dry air gives a quality breathing and it's nature's de-stressing therapy, which continously appeals to our senses in this natural bio reserve which boosts creativity. The lush green mountain is covered with green grass which spreads throught the mountain. Historically this is the same mountain where Ravana used to meditate in order to please Shiva. It's position gives open view of Kedarnath Peaks.

Camping here gives a peek into being close to the Greater Himalayas and what it is like to go higher into the mountains. Oxygen level decreases but still remains checked, not enough to create trouble. Our Acclimatisation technique helps control mountain/height sickness. 

Experience: Rishikesh being one of the holy city and also the Yoga capital of the world has mixed crowd from not only from all parts of India but also world. It is a pleasant drive from Delhi at only 268 kms (166 miles) of drive. Chopta the first night camping after 6 hours of hilly drive, the road condition is good except for some bumps. Camping in the night along with meal and snacks in the evening helps acclimatisation. Sleeping in a comfortable camp gives pleasurable sleep. Trekking early next morning after breakfast with breathtaking view, reaching Tunganath and stay for Lunch then continue towards Chandrashila and back to camp in Tunganath. 





We mostly use high quality dome tents, but according to the preferences of clients, can also provide luxury tents.
Only healthy food can help you enjoy in high altitude, this is why we take cook with us, sometimes we also use organic local food. Dry fruits and Mineral water is amply supplied.
We can provide you transport from Rishikesh, we can also provide from Delhi, but we mostly prefer mountain drivers.
Please use the form on the right, our process is usually - query > cost estimation and proposal > Advance > Booking reciept. To pay right now use Main Menu > Payment