Soul Trek team respects the constitution of India along with its Justice system. In another commendable move High Court banned all adventure sports in Uttrakhand until a proper regulatory law is not passed in accordance to tourists safety and environment preservation. The ban affects over 5,000 families as the trekking season opens this September. 

This may halt life for some poor families whose way of earning was only through trekking season. In hope that the new law will encompass the needs of both human and nature and is based on their interdependence and not isolation, we await for the next judgement. 

Importance of the HC order

Soul Trek team has been soul searching into mountains from many years, and we have experienced people throw their trash and dumping plastics in these most beautiful valleys. Therefore we aimed to begin a cleaning drive ourselves and unload Himalayas from human dumps. We believe this will take trekking in a whole new direction in coming future. We will not only be able to trek mighty himalayas of Uttrakhand but also be able to preserve it for the future generations

Trek with Soul Trek continues

In accordance of the present law, a night stay in the meadows is not allowed. Therefore, all the day treks will continue. Please be patient with us while we upload more day treks. 

We also have vendors across other states of Himalayas and Nepal where trekking continues. Use our contact form for more information. 

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