RIshikesh wall art

About Rishikesh wall arts

Art is an evolutionary act and by no means it is should be taken lightly. It is a language between an artists and the creator. Some of the street artist come here and leave their mark. Leaving behind a more beautiful and artistic Rishikesh. When you will enter Rishikesh, your eyes will eventually go to these sublime messages of Love and Peace. Beautiful vibrating street arts which amuses the imagination and clings to the heart of every passerby.

Rishikesh is attracting amazing artists from all the nooks of the world. One such amethyst spanish artist Elena González decided to paint a murky wall besides Ganga. This blank white wall cracking in the middle has so many flaws, that I thought that it would be a waste of time. But as the hopeful says, artists mind is that of a creator’s mind. Elena could see on this wall which none of us could understand. In minutes the colours began to be mixed and shades began to form. The whole idea suddenly seem absolute and pre-decided by a creative soul. Slowly, people began to surround this Foreign artist witnessing the beautification of flaw.

The way I see it, the idea of using artist on street also seemed Mauryan periods of India. Where it was artists who were designing the cities and palaces. No wonder it was the Golden Period of India, when the artists were not precluded to take part in all sections of society and when they were the ones who leaded. It struck me that future of world, is not so much in the hands of Social and Political force than it is in the hands of the artists. These art seems to me as symbol of hope, the light in the obscure future. In the words of Terence Mc Kenna, “The artist’s task is to save the soul of humanity; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”

You can find Elena’s other street arts on: Instagram ,  Website

Brahma Kamal

Walking among the God’s flowers: Brahma Kamal

What is Brahma Kamal?

Brahma Kamal Scientific name- Saussurea obvallata has been mentioned in many ancient stories of India and has amazing awareness to itself. These flowers bloom for only one evening and then disintegrate. The plant considered a medicinal herb in Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine systems. According to the Hindu mythology, just watching the flower grow is able to fulfill all your wishes. Only grown at the height of 4,500 meters, they bloom mid-monsoon (July-August). Due to its misuse and global environment change the flower is now extremely endangered.


Team Soul Trek is always searching for most mystical opportunities up in the mountains. This time however with a hunch that it is not a place or an event but a person I trekked to discover Kedarnath. Aftermath a complete disaster of 2013, Kedarnath has been building up fast. The beauty and the powerful water element which reside in these divine valleys took my breathe away several times. (or it could be also less availability of oxygen) This divine temple resides in the center of the Mandakini river oozing out of the Great Kedarnath peak existing since unknown date.

In India it is revered to as one of the place where Shiva resided during his Himalayan stay. If to be believed according to one of the priest, it exist from Hindu calendar’s ‘Satya Yuga'(many thousand years ago). While there is no way to determine the age, still scientists flood here to record unknown phenomenon, such as strange sounds and lights in the sky, strange vibrations felt near Mount Kedarnath. All this and the person I met next made it much more mystical.

Kedarnath police grows Brahma Kamal

To grow Brahma Kamal is next to impossible and impossible has become possible because of Kedarnath SI Bipin Pathak, the mystical man I had to meet in order to complete my divine journey. He has been in-charge here since the 2013 disaster and has earn a name which is loved not only by kids and citizens but also divine saints. Mr. Pathak has been able to grow 48 flowers at the height of only 3,583 meteres. His divine garden carefully nested inside the Kedarnath Police station is attracting people from all corners of India to witness this amazing feat.

When we asked how was this possible and what could others be doing wrong that it didn’t work for them. Bipin Pathak replied that, these flowers not only need ground, soil, fertilizer but also a divine gratitude should always be carried around them. He has made a temple inside the garden along with another impossible tree growing way above tree-line, the Rudraksha tree. The way he keeps the integrity of this place is sure sign to those who want to grow this divine flower on their own. For now, it seems that Bipin Pathak has been able to find a way to not only stop the extinction of this flower but also a proof that Humans and nature have to come back together in harmony. This in my opinion is one of the example which will lay down the way for human-nature inter-relationship in the mountains in near future.

He is also the first person who has successfully grown ‘Bugyal Grass’ (Special Himalayan Grass which feels like walking on silk). He has also become first person to grow potatoes in the highest ground ever and now gives it out as a temple Prasad. If you visit Kedarnath do visit ‘Brahma Vatika’.


Indian Academy of Sciences - Brahma Kamal

Spiritually Revered Scientifically ignored 

Hight Court directs State Government to make regulatory laws on adventure sports: Uttrakhand

Soul Trek team respects the constitution of India along with its Justice system. In another commendable move High Court banned all adventure sports in Uttrakhand until a proper regulatory law is not passed in accordance to tourists safety and environment preservation. The ban affects over 5,000 families as the trekking season opens this September. 

This may halt life for some poor families whose way of earning was only through trekking season. In hope that the new law will encompass the needs of both human and nature and is based on their interdependence and not isolation, we await for the next judgement. 

Importance of the HC order

Soul Trek team has been soul searching into mountains from many years, and we have experienced people throw their trash and dumping plastics in these most beautiful valleys. Therefore we aimed to begin a cleaning drive ourselves and unload Himalayas from human dumps. We believe this will take trekking in a whole new direction in coming future. We will not only be able to trek mighty himalayas of Uttrakhand but also be able to preserve it for the future generations

Trek with Soul Trek continues

In accordance of the present law, a night stay in the meadows is not allowed. Therefore, all the day treks will continue. Please be patient with us while we upload more day treks. 

We also have vendors across other states of Himalayas and Nepal where trekking continues. Use our contact form for more information. 

Yoga is for outdoors

Yoga comes from the word ‘Yog’ which literally means addition. It is not only set of principles and poses but infact anything done along with breathing is an additional work and therefore it is Yoga. Nowadays, Yog has become meaningless in different styles and contradiction. 

Think about it, whether it is Hatha, Kundalini or any other style they all consists of similiar poses, but only varies to some degree in name and techniques. There is no style of Yog, it is only Yog. Which was practise by ancient Yogis in Himalayan valleys. Nowadays Yoga has succumb to Yoga halls and retreats. To have a full blown affect of a Yogi, one has to agree that doing yoga in nature definetly makes more sense than in a confined space. 

The flow of cosmic energy which is also vibrating in abundance in the nature suddenly becomes available specially in Himalayas. The reason why it has been attracting Yogis from centuries. Yoga instructers and teachers will have to come up to a more daring concept of self-realization, and if Yoga is being performed for a higher path than there is nothing more important than coming out of the clutches of comfortable halls and confront adventure through a wholly new mindset. 

Yoga Himalaya

Yoga performed in nature is more beneficial than done in a Yoga Hall

Everything about self practice remains incomplete without proper harmony with the nature. Nature helps create a proper environment the most ancient one, the one human energies respond to more easily. 

With increasing forests of Yoga school, maybe we are forgetting the meaning of Yoga itself. Instead of adding, we are subtracting nature from the human science. This is why believing any better output to come from it will give only half results. 

The Philosophy behind Yogic training of body, mind and soul is totally possible in the amazing Himalayan range. The energy of the mountains itself is enough to lift a great yogi several thousand feet up from the sea-level.