Trekking in Himalayas India for International Tourists

Our exclusive Trekking Program is designed for the comfort of International tourist in India. Our itinerary consists of unforgettable sites and Journeys deep into the heart of Indian culture and the vast untouched nature surmouting the most ancient Himalayas.

Forest Camping for Schools

For Teachers who want to organize a trekking in India in exclusive and exquisite sights. The sights are specially chosen for their great feel and experience of oneness with the nature. We take care of everything so that your focus remains only in grooming the little futures of tommorrow.

Retreats for Corporates

Every corpporate needs a plan to keep their employees motivated and to excel in creativity. Interacting in nature helps create an atmosphere of warmth and mutualism. We design themed style mountain retreats to open people up to new experiences and horizons.



Upcoming trips

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Clean Himalaya Drive - Coming Soon

See how you can be a part of most soul satisfying cleaning.